Grundfos SafeWater joins panel discussion at this year's Concordia Summit

New York, 21 September 2022 – Pia Yasuko  Rask, Senior Director at Grundfos SafeWater, joined the World Vision Stage Panel at this year’s Concordia Summit.

Grundfos has a long-standing partnership with World Vision and together we have conducted several projects to enable water access to the underserved.

Together with other panelists, Pia participated in a discussion on the topic of “Taking a Leading Role in Solving the Global Water Crisis”.

The summit aims to create a global community where challenges are solved collaboratively and inclusively.  Among the speakers were First Lady Jill Biden, Sir Tony Blair (former prime minister, UK), Jesper Brodin (CEO, Ingka Group - IKEA), and many more.


About the panel:

In 2015 as part of the week of the UN General Assembly and at the time of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, World Vision and partners laid out a blueprint for bringing clean water to everyone, everywhere they worked by 2030 to achieve SDG 6.

Nowadays World Vision has become the largest non-governmental provider of clean water and aims to reach 50 million people with water access by 2030.

The panel discussion revolved around the impact created in collaboration with World Vision and how people’s lives have been transformed as a result of strong collaborations on WASH projects.

It was a fantastic conversation about the need to partner so we bridge different solutions to continually give people better and better access to water. This was also a celebration of World Vision and their ambition to reach 50 million people; they’re at the half-way mark now, with an astounding 25 million people.
Pia Yasuko Rask, Senior Director at Grundfos SafeWater

As much more needs to be done to accomplish SDG 6, the discussion highlighted the importance of partnerships in reaching this goal and explored what other actions are necessary for the future. A special focus was put on how such partnerships enable World Vision to reach communities in Rwanda with safe water access.

Furthermore, Pia touched upon the importance of technological innovation for water quality and accessibility, showcasing the innovations Grundfos is bringing to the sector and talking about Grundfos’ large-scale water systems deployed in Rwanda.

The panel was moderated by Patricia Heaton, award-winning actress, and World Vision Global Ambassador. The other panelists were Edgar Sandoval, CEO and President of World Vision U.S., and Allison Tummon Kamphuis, Vice President of Global Equity and Inclusion and Community Impact at Procter & Gamble. 


About the Annual Concordia Summit:

At its 12th edition, the summit convenes heads of state and leaders of the NGO and private sectors to spark dialogue, promote collaborations and explore tangible solutions to local and global challenges. Relevant themes include environmental sustainability, human rights and social progress, innovation, health opportunities and challenges, etc.

The 2022 Concordia Summit took place in New York and digitally between September 19-21.

About Grundfos SafeWater:

SafeWater is a business unit in Grundfos, which strives to create a lasting impact in underserved communities by providing clean water access through commercially viable models. To achieve this, SafeWater collaborates with leading humanitarian aid organizations, local governments, and other actors in the private sector.

Discover more about how SafeWater creates impact.