Grundfos’ sheltered workshop in Hungary - A new opportunity

For László Forgács, Grundfos’ sheltered workshop in Hungary has meant a new opportunity for a meaningful working life. Since he was 19, he worked in the local mine in Tatabánya, but a congenital health defect was intensified by the work, so at 36 he was forced to retire.
The following period was difficult. He was not satisfied with the amount of the pension he was awarded, and he disliked being idle at such a young age.

He heard about Grundfos’ new sheltered workshop for employees with reduced working capacity though several channels, e.g. the local job centre and the handicap association. He applied for a job and was one of the first to be hired when the sheltered workshop opened a little more than three years ago.

Now he is a tool setter in the department, which means that he adjusts the machines and maintains both machines and tools. When there is time, he takes care of other tasks as well, e.g. cutting cables for motors and assembling cables and terminal boxes. The sheltered workshop is situated in the motor factory in the Hungarian company and manufactures components and services the motor production in the rest of the factory.

Having a job where he can use his education as a fitter is of enormous importance to László. As he says: ”It is better than lying on the couch.” The fact that he earns well, too – much more than the low pension – makes going to work even better.

”I consider my job to be quite ordinary, but others take my health into account so I do not have to overtax myself,” says László, who feels lucky compared to many of his friends. They have also been applying for jobs, and some have been employed as watchmen at a factory.

Grundfos was the first company in the area to offer jobs where people could use their education and still work on special terms. Now László promotes Grundfos to friends and acquaintances. He thinks that like him, they deserve a new opportunity in life.

Facts about Grundfos’ sheltered workshop in Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary:

  • The sheltered workshop in Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary employs a total of 30 people.
  • The employees work in three shifts of four hours: from 6am to 10am, from 10am to 2pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
  • There are two tool setters in the department. They both work six hours a day.
  • The department manufactures and repairs components for the motor production in the rest of the factory.
  • The sheltered workshop in Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary, which opened in 2001 with ten employees, is the first sheltered workshop in the Grundfos Group outside Denmark.