Grundfos strengthens its commitment to Indonesian market by opening a SP Sub Factory in Semarang

In collaboration with Tehnik Optima Pompa, this move will help meet the growing demand for large-scale submersible deep-well pumps in the region

Semarang, Indonesia, 8 June: Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and sustainable water technologies, announced the opening of its SP Sub Factory in Semarang, Indonesia. The Grundfos SP units are submersible borehole pumps, designed for pumping groundwater. This strategic move reinforces Grundfos' commitment to the Indonesian market and marks a significant step towards meeting the increasing demand for large-scale submersible deep-well pumps in the region.

In collaboration with Tehnik Optima Pompa, a respected local industry expert, Grundfos aims to leverage its combined expertise to provide innovative and high-quality pump solutions tailored to the specific needs of industries in Semarang and throughout Indonesia.

The establishment of the SP Sub Factory in Semarang signifies the company’s dedication to supporting local content and adhering to Indonesian regulations. This partnership allows for the integration of local expertise and knowledge-sharing, ensuring that Grundfos pumps manufactured at the Sub Factory meet the highest standards and specifications required in the Indonesian market.

"We are excited to strengthen our presence in Semarang with the opening of our SP Sub Factory," said Boy Ramadhan, Area Sales Manager for Water Utility at Grundfos Indonesia. "This strategic location allows us to enhance our responsiveness and better serve our customers in Semarang and surrounding areas. By strengthening its local presence and production capabilities, we aim to forge lasting partnerships, support economic growth, and contribute to the development of the pump industry in Semarang."

The SP Sub Factory's streamlined production processes enable faster availability and efficient delivery of pump units, addressing the need for timely project completions and smooth operations in Semarang. By bringing production closer to the market, Grundfos aims to provide quick and reliable service to its customers while contributing to the local economy.

Grundfos' commitment to sustainability is reflected in the SP Sub Factory. The facility incorporates advanced technologies and green production practices, optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing the environmental footprint. By embracing sustainable practices, Grundfos aims to support Semarang's efforts towards a greener future.

"We believe that sustainability is crucial in everything we do. Our SP Sub Factory in Semarang is designed to align with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact," added Boy Ramadhan. "Through our sustainable production practices, we strive to set new industry benchmarks in energy efficiency and waste reduction."

In addition to its dedication to sustainable practices, Grundfos recognizes the importance of community engagement. The company will actively participate in local social responsibility initiatives, supporting the development of Semarang's local community and contributing to its growth.

As part of its long-term commitment to the Indonesian market, Grundfos will launch training programs and workshops for local professionals and technicians in the pump industry. These initiatives aim to enhance skills, promote knowledge sharing, and support the sustainable growth of the industry in Semarang and beyond.