Grundfos USA reduces its own water footprint

The reduction in the amount of water used at Grundfos is a new objective initiated in 2002. The Grundfos Fresno facility consumed approximately 12.3 million gallons of water annually in 2000. The goal was to reduce the annual water usage by 30% compared to 2000 usage. The maintenance of the landscaping and facility grounds is a primary user of water. By adjusting the watering schedule and initiating a proactive sprinkler maintenance program, Grundfos Fresno has reduced its water annual consumption by over 4 million gallons (15,000 m3) or 33%.

Current efforts are focused on internal water usage sources in the production process, such as cooling towers, washers and testing tanks. In the 4th quarter of 2010, Grundfos Fresno will beta-test non water urinals in its restrooms, a project estimated to save 4,000 gal per urinal per year.

Creating shared value
Water is one of the most precious resources in the San Joaquin Valley, located in central California. Therefore, conservation of water is crucial to the economic prosperity and sustainability. The reduction of the amount of water used by the Grundfos Fresno facility increases the amount of water that is available for use by local growers. The State of California is in the midst of a draught, which makes water an even more valuable resource. Without water, the local growers would be unable to plant and harvest crops, which would shut down the local packing houses placing a strain on the local communities since Central California is the 7th largest economy in the world.

Achieving significant water reduction will minimize the consumption of the crucial natural resource, enabling Grundfos to be seen as an environmentally friendly company within the local community. It will also enable us to live the Brand of Sustainability.