Grundfos wins climate award at Sustainability Awards 2023

Grundfos, Salling Group and Nykredit were finalists for the Climate Impact Award, which was awarded on the basis of, among other things, goals, ambitions and documented results.

Between inspiring presentations and heated debates, winners of this year's awards were announced when the Sustainability Awards were held by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and EY on 14 September.

The Climate Impact Award was among the awards presented in the Stock Exchange Hall, which was filled to the last row of chairs. The winner of the Climate Impact Award was selected by an independent jury that assessed eight nominated companies based on a number of criteria. Out of the eight nominees, three finalists were selected:

  • Grundfos
  • Salling Group
  • Nykredit

And so it was Grundfos that came out on top.

The Climate Impact Award is an award given to a company that has particularly ambitious goals and actions in its work on climate change, says Jan C. Olsen, CEO of EY in Denmark:

"With the Climate Impact Award, the focus is on companies that are already doing well, but want even more. For example, by introducing new initiatives that can inspire and set new standards. It is therefore about clear impact, and the criteria for the award are tough, so solid results must be shown that support ambitions and goals. The independent jury found Grundfos to be a good example of this."

The value of lifting together

Among other things, the jury justified the choice of Grundfos with their solid results and a complete plan for net zero. The jury also highlighted Grundfos' partnerships to find solutions to, for example, more climate-friendly production.

"This year's winner of the Climate Impact Award is very ambitious and at the same time understands the value of pulling together. Many exciting initiatives can be highlighted, and at the same time, Grundfos also has a global impact across the value chain. They go beyond the country's borders - with positive impact and change," says Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Mikael Geday, Group Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer at Grundfos, says:
"Making a positive impact on the world's water and climate challenges is deeply rooted in our business. Thanks to strong collaboration across Grundfos, our Science-Based Targets were approved last year, and we have already in 2023 allocated DKK 150 million to support initiatives that will enable the realisation of our 2050 Net Zero target. We are immensely proud of the recognition it is to receive the Climate Impact Award for this work."