Massive energy savings in giant shopping center

A vast shopping complex in Guangzhou, China has experienced striking energy savings after implementation of our solutions.

A near excellent energy efficiency ratio and energy savings rates as high as 50 %. These eye-catching figures do not stem from a product test or a theoretical calculation – they are the actual operation data of a high-efficiency equipment room in the shopping mall M·LIVE in Guangzhou, China.

Like the heart of the building, the equipment room houses pumps, filters, heaters etc. At the M·LIVE the original equipment room was rebuilt due to low efficiency, high energy consumption and a high failure rate. After the reconstruction including implementation of high efficiency Grundfos solutions, the M·LIVE has experienced substantial energy savings.

It is now a massive one-stop family leisure shopping center housing international business giants like Sam's Club and IKEA, and the energy-saving performance of the shopping center would not be possible without our solutions.

Our high-efficiency vertical double-suction pump has been carefully tailored in its optimization to meet the requirements of this project, and the pump efficiency reaches 86%.

"We speak with facts and convince people with data," says Yung Fong, Business Managing Director of China Building Service. "Energy conservation and consumption reduction are the future development trend of urban architecture. Grundfos’ products and technologies superior to peers will become the first choice for China's new infrastructure construction and we will continue to contribute to China's sustainable urbanization."