Moving water distribution networks towards the future

Baseform and Grundfos collaborate to bring new, digital and smart water solutions to utility customers to optimize distribution networks, drive high energy efficiency, minimize water losses and ensure sustainability in asset management planning.

Fast-paced, specialized knowledge and a global presence are accelerated when Baseform and Grundfos join their competencies in big data and in water solutions on a new collaboration through intelligent, data-driven water technology. It offers urban water utilities a unique opportunity to use big data to spot where to improve network efficiency – and ways to realize the improvements.

“With this partnership, a global leader and one of the most recognized brands in water technology, itself deeply committed to digital transformation, joins forces with our groundbreaking software technology and paradigm. We mutually add valuable information and analytics to the customers’ data, to offer solutions that allow them to monitor, predict, diagnose and plan their water network and service, and understand and act upon its performance and sustainability, in both the real time and the long term. Together we expect to strikingly improve the way water is managed,” said Sergio Coelho, Baseform CEO and co-founder.

The collaboration means that data being generated by one of the main driving forces behind water distribution will be informing, and informed by, the most comprehensive analytical software available to utilities.


Ready and easy to implement

The solution, ‘Grundfos Intelligent Water Distribution’ is now accelerated into selected markets. It excels at connecting directly with all key data systems in a utility, using a non-intrusive, advanced syncing technology. It is designed to be used with an intuitive and simple user interface, where key data is conveyed in a streamlined form, giving users a quick overview at first, and easily diving into detail as needed.

“Customers will get a comprehensive and advanced solution, which is designed to be used across the utility. It can help them realize major savings in both water and energy otherwise lost in distribution and can have a significant impact on their business and – as a bonus – also on the environmental footprint,” said Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen, Group Vice President, Global Market Segment Water Utility at Grundfos.

The margin for improvement when hardware and big-data analytics can be approached from the same angle holds game-changing potential for utility customers, forming an ecosystem of unprecedented power and ability.


Accelerating together

For Baseform, being on the same team as Grundfos opens doors to more markets and creates a vital link to knowledge and solutions on the hardware side of things, while Grundfos gains access to a proven solution already on the market. The joint effort sets the foundation for creating the best solutions for water utilities, now and in the future, accelerating digital offerings.

“We are ramping up our digital capabilities and go-to-market activities together with selected partners. We are now in a position where we can instantly supply our water utility customers with great monitoring and analytic tools, and a hardware and service solutions package to match that, ultimately leading to much greater network efficiency, which is good for the water utilities and for the world,” said Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen.

The first solution from the collaboration is already on its way to a large European water utility.