Nandhini: A true role model

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women who have contributed to gender equity and embrace possibilities to make a difference, one of these women is our colleague Nandhini Manivannan.

In the journey towards equity for all, it is important to acknowledge that not all start from the same place. In 2022, Nandhini was honoured with the Grundfos Culture Ambassador Award, at our annual People Awards, for breaking down barriers and becoming the first female shop floor employee at Grundfos India. Doing what she has done requires more strength and courage than most of us can imagine. Being the first is always tough – Nandhini has taken this on and has become a role model for other employees as well. 

She recalls one barrier from her first day at work in particular – that her new colleagues hesitated to talk to her: “That’s why I spoke to them first to make them feel comfortable. Since then, my colleagues have helped me settle in by teaching me a lot about the job so that I could develop my skills,” she says.

Nandhini now works in the Cathode Electrode Deposition department, where she is responsible for ensuring product quality and handling chemicals. Nandhini’s achievement has not only paved the way for gender equity at Grundfos India but also inspired other women to take up roles in the manufacturing industry. She is no longer the only woman on the shop floor. Ten female colleagues have joined her, thanks to her example.

“Just be yourself, don’t be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of! See and think out of the box because the world is so pretty and good” says Nandhini. Her story highlights the importance of embracing changes and breaking down gender barriers to create a more inclusive workplace.

"Through Nandhini's inspiring journey, we are reminded of the power of embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace culture. As we continue to work towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace, we encourage all our employees to take inspiration from Nandhini's story and contribute to our efforts towards creating a Grundfos where everyone feels valued and empowered,” says Mirjam Baijens, CHRO.


Facts about People Award
The Grundfos Culture Ambassador Award celebrates a maximum of three employees who outstandingly demonstrates one or more Grundfos values or other culture-specific elements.​

Along with five other People Awards, it aims to strengthen the Grundfos values and reinforce the One-company culture by sharing and learning from all good ideas in Grundfos and by acknowledging and praising outstanding, excellent, and role-modelling performance and behaviour.