Nurturing Diversity in STEM: A Spotlight on Yuli Ekowati's Inspiring Journey in Science

Equality in STEM is a matter of providing equitable opportunities. On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Grundfos celebrates the remarkable contributions of our STEM colleagues, underscoring their dedication to our overarching mission of improving lives. One such exemplary individual is Yuli Ekowati, an industrial postdoc at Grundfos actively engaged in collaborative research on water treatment with Danish universities.


Yuli plays a pivotal role as a liaison between Grundfos and the academic community, facilitating a seamless exchange of ideas. She articulates the company's needs to scientists and, in turn, conveys innovative research concepts back to Grundfos. Successful projects originating in laboratories undergo testing at Grundfos and, if proven effective, progress to the pilot stage.

Yuli, who joined Grundfos in 2023 after completing her PhD at Utrecht University, focuses on advancing reverse osmosis technology—a critical tool for desalination, especially in regions grappling with water scarcity. Her research aligns with Grundfos' commitment to developing solutions that maximize high-quality water production with minimal energy consumption, all in the pursuit of the belief that every drop contains infinite possibilities, and that water has the power to change the world.

Expressing her views on women in science, Yuli advocates against categorizing individuals based on gender. She says “I believe that everyone can excel in scientific pursuits, provided they possess the requisite skills and determination. It's crucial to back people's goals and ambitions with their abilities, rather than hiring them just because of their gender. However, I do recognize that limited access to education can curtail women's opportunities, particularly in STEM fields, therefore it is critical societal intervention to address these disparities.”