Partnership benefits the climate and saves money

The carbon emission in Bjerringbro, Denmark, the village where Grundfos HQ are located, will be reduced by some 3,000 tonnes a year, equivalent with 1.5 tonnes per household connected to the heating station. Also, Grundfos and the district heating consumers will save about 130,000 Euro a year each.

The advantages are obtained by storing energy in a groundwater borehole that is no longer used for water catchment. From there the energy can be used whenever it is required, which means that energy-consuming cooling machines will be superfluous at Grundfos, whereas the heating station will require less natural gas for heating production.

As part of the agreement, Grundfos will establish a groundwater cooling unit which, during summer, uses the relatively cool water in the borehole for cooling in production. The heating station, on the other hand, will establish a heating pump centre for the district heating consumers.

Positive cooperation 
Works Manager, Charles Winther Hansen from Bjerringbro Heating Station is very pleased with the synergy of the cooperation with Grundfos.

- The good news for us is that we become less dependent on natural gas and we’ll emit less carbon. This is consistent with the expectations from politicians and consumers. But it is also very important for us to be able to offer environmentally better and sustainable heating supply at a somewhat lower price.

According to the Works Manager, extraordinarily positive cooperation with Grundfos was a prerequisite for completing the agreement.

Senior Environment Engineer, Klaus E. Christensen, Grundfos, is pleased with the fact that the inhabitants of Bjerringbro and Grundfos will save money and that the climate will be protected, maybe even in a larger, global perspective.

We demonstrate that we are willing and able to use existing technologies in new ways benefiting ourselves and our surrounding. By demonstrating that there are economic as well as climate benefits in integrating energy systems, I hope we may inspire others. Furthermore, we’ll get a showcase that our customers and partners may visit, he said.