Powering a strong relationship

Everyone in the room had their eye focused on the presentation. Mr. Seonghoon Lee from Samsung C&T shared information from the Korean construction company’s future high profile projects around the world. Several connects to new high-rises in mega-cities, others to iconic venues at classic events. All are in Samsung C&T’s scope, and the likelihood of them being equipped with Grundfos pumps has risen because, the presentation continued to a workshop, where a Global Partnership Agreement (GPA) between the two industry leaders was signed. The agreement adds to an already well-established relationship, which has seen the companies working together for some years.

”We are very pleased with this collaboration, which we believe benefits both parties. The GPA is an important step and has a high impact on our business relationship, as it makes it possible for Samsung C&T and Grundfos to handle large, global projects together in a smooth way, benefitting from each other’s competencies,” says Dr. Junghwan Moon, Senior Researcher at Samsung C&T.

An example of what comes with the GPA is collaborating closely in the early project stages. This, for instance, makes it possible for Samsung C&T to bring in Grundfos to contribute to design and engineer pump-related parts of Samsung C&T construction project. Prior to the GPA, subcontractors dealt with pumps and related solutions.

Acting together globally

The relationship between Samsung C&T and Grundfos took off back in 2011, where a memorandum of understanding between the two companies was signed. Since then, Building Services, Research & Technology and Global Customer Reach in Grundfos have collaborated with various departments in Samsung C&T to create tangible initiatives and collaboration models between the two groups, which can create developmental and commercial advantages for both.

“Having such a close relationship with a company like Samsung C&T is of extremely high value. It gives us the possibility of really understanding our customer and their needs, and it enables us to use our strengths to add more value to their large construction projects. With the GPA, we can take advantage of the two companies’ global presence and act consistently and swiftly no matter where, the project is,” says Monty Scott, International Project Sales Manager at Grundfos.

He is part of the Global Customer Reach-team at Grundfos, and handles large projects all over the world. With the GPA, he and his colleagues can look forward to early involvement, thus making it more likely that the high-rises of the future will be equipped with Samsung C&T’s and Grundfos’ joint expertise.

“We at Samsung C&T want to give our customers the best solutions in the world. The same goes for Grundfos. This is one reason why our collaboration works well,” concludes Dr. Junghwan Moon.