Save the Children and Grundfos join forces to bring safe water and sanitation facilities to children

BJERRINGBRO/COPENHAGEN, 2 July 2024: More schools and communities in remote areas around the world will have reliable access to a sustainable and safe water supply under a new partnership between Save the Children and Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology.

Save the Children and Grundfos have signed a three-year partnership to improve access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, including toilets and washing facilities for children through innovative, solar powered water systems.

The partnership combines Denmark-based Grundfos’s expertise in water technology with the humanitarian expertise of the global child rights organisation Save the Children. Grundfos will provide training and materials to support the transition to solar-powered pumps, while Save the Children will identify countries with the potential to move towards solar power and other renewable solutions.

Globally it’s estimated that about 2.2 billion people lack safe drinking water and 3.5 billion don’t have access to safely managed sanitation, United Nations World Water Report 2023.

Children without clean drinking water and basic sanitation are vulnerable to waterborne illnesses such as cholera and typhoid, and diarrhea, which cause about 395,000 deaths annually among children under the age of 5, according to the World Health Organization.

Johanne Schmidt-¬Nielsen (middle), CEO Save the Children, Denmark, with Anise Sacranie and Abdellatif El Hafyani from Grundfos.

Johanne Schmidt­Nielsen, CEO at Save the Children Denmark, said:
“Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental right for children and is essential for their health and development. Unfortunately, millions of children around the world have this right violated, leading to serious health consequences. Through this partnership, we are much better equipped to provide clean water for children and their families. By combining our on-the-ground expertise with Grundfos’ technical know-how, we can develop sustainable solutions that not only address immediate needs but also contribute to long-term community resilience.”

The climate crisis is severely impacting access to water, with more frequent extreme weather events, such as droughts, leading to increased water scarcity. Save the Children and Grundfos will collaborate on building climate-resilient water systems in crisis-affected areas.

Anise Sacranie, Water Access Director at Grundfos, said:
"We are proud to contribute to the exceptional work that Save the Children is doing in providing improved water access to disadvantaged and marginalised children and communities. At Grundfos, our ambition is to ensure that millions of people in underserved communities have access to safe, clean water through our solutions. Partnering with Save the Children is an important step in achieving this goal, and I believe that through this collaboration, both organisations will enhance our capability to fulfil our shared vision of sustainable water access."


Save the Children:
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