Strong cooperation through close relations

The term ‘meeting room’ is for many synonymous with clinical, white rooms with no soul or history. At Schulz Versorgungtechnik in Heidelberg, this description could hardly be further from the truth. Autographed sports jerseys and numerous evocative photographs clearly show that there are both famous people, customers and partners among Managing Director Günter Schulz’ social circle.

”I like sports and culture a lot and I enjoy inviting my customers and partners to various events. Friendships and close relations are crucial to me and I firmly believe that the professional cooperation grows stronger if you also know one another outside of the meeting room,” says Günter Schulz.

Passionate about the customers
Günter Schulz values his partnership with Grundfos very much and during the past ten years, he has chosen to solely offer Grundfos products to his customers.

“Customer satisfaction is a common aim. Of course the products have to be good, but there should always be honesty as well. An economic benefit for everyone is important, but it is significant that I am always open with my customers and have a close partner contact with whom I can solve any challenges,” he explains.

Positive publicity rubs off
One of the customers who benefits from Günter Schulz’ view on cooperation is Heidelberger Hausverwaltung. With the responsibility for 300 major buildings in the city, the administration company depends on a stable partner.

“Our collaboration actually started because we often watched football together and this led to us discussing the feasibility of a professional cooperation as well. Previously I for example did not worry much about pumps, but Schulz advocated actively for Grundfos and explained to me about both their quality and the economic benefits. And because of our close relationship I trusted him when he said that this was the best available, “says Managing Director Arnold Fritz, who today recommend Grundfos to others as well.

Trust generates development
In addition to collaboration on supplying products and solutions to the heating installation company’s customers, the partnership also delivers opportunities in other areas.

“During the last year we have been working on a development project relating to heating circuits. Here, the close cooperation with Schulz Versorgungstechnik meant that we were able to arrange field tests with some of their customers. It shows us that Mr. Schulz trusts us since he allows us to interact with his  customers and takes part in the responsibility, if something is not working as desired,” explains Grundfos Sales Manager, Daniel Wittoesch. He has daily contact with Günter Schulz and aims to ensure that  joint development projects will turn into concrete solutions in the future.