Tapping into the potential of industries to safeguard water

The green transition requires clever water management. Stéphane Simonetta, CEO of the Industry Division, spoke about the potential in intelligent water use at the European Parliament.

Water is a resource in demand – and a stretched one. Globally as well as locally. Even in Europe, water is fast becoming an increasingly scarce resource, and therefore it is of utmost importance to manage and use it intelligently.

This was at the centre of attention at the water conference ‘Water efficiency in industry: the untapped potential in a green transition’. The conference was hosted in the European Parliament, gathering stakeholders from the European Commission, the European Parliament, key political institutions, as well as representatives from industries.

“When meeting the future demands of our European societies, water resources in industries need to be utilised in a more efficient way. Not only to meet the future demands to protect the environment and as important part of decarbonisation, but also to minimise the risks of water shortage due to climate change and societal developments,” says Pernille Weiss, Member of the European Parliament, EPP and Chair of the MEP Water Group.

Grundfos was represented by Stéphane Simonetta, CEO for the Industry Division and Executive Vice President, as a keynote speaker, sharing an industrial perspective on the situation and the solutions, which can be put in place to mitigate the impact.

“The industrial water sector in Europe accounts for 50 percent of water withdrawal in the continent. Water, which could be available for consumption for people who need it. We see a need for water resources in industries to be utilised in a more efficient way. Industry holds a significant responsibility and potential in using water,” says Stéphane Simonetta.

In his keynote speech, he further touched upon concrete solutions to reduce water use, improve water treatment, integrate circularity in water dependent industrial processes, advancing ‘water fit for purpose’ in the context of water reuse, as well as the need of a modern water regulation framework.

The conference also included speeches and presentations from Veronica Manfredi, Director at the European Commission Directorate-General for Environment, who shared important political perspectives.

The conference was hosted by Pernille Weiss in collaboration with State of Green, Water Europe, The Confederation of Danish Industries, Danish Water Industries Federation, Carlsberg, FL Smidth and Grundfos.