We open a new door to the future

With his index finger, a guest swipes his way through the fictional world, ‘Connected World’. A huge screen made to create scenarios asks the question; How do we solve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 6 & 13 with efficient and intelligent digital solutions?

It is a part of the new Future Lab 2.0, an exhibition with some of our most recent digital thoughts, technologies and solutions, which is exhibited at the Grundfos Centre.

A tour through the exhibition gives an insight into the use of IoT technologies, cases, which show how we have created solutions for problems like floodings, ‘Connected World’ and videos with internal thought leaders, who have deep knowledge about topics as Big Data and artificial intelligence.

“We take something intangible and try to turn it into something concrete. We do not have all the answers for the solutions of the future, so this is about creating a dialogue and having the courage to think creatively. This is what we want to inspire our guests and colleagues to do,” says Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen, Senior Director Digital Commercial Offerings.

Grundfos has about 3,000 customers visiting every year. It is amongst other things through Future Lab 2.0 that we want to open the door to partnerships, which can solve some of the earth’s water and climate challenges.

“We are able to use the competencies and the knowledge we have, to develop ambitious and innovative solutions. With the Future Lab 2.0 we create a dialogue with our visitors to explore how the future can look like. We believe that our customers will be engaged in a whole new way through tools as ‘Connected World’,” says Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen.