Why distributed pumping solutions are increasing in popularity

Listen to the audio whitepaper about how Grundfos applies distributed pumping solutions for air conditioning in commercial buildings to increase end-user comfort and save over 50% energy use.

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90 - iGRID temperature zones for district heating

District energy providers face the challenge of heat losses between the plant and the final users. Listen to how installing Grundfos iGRID temperature zones in the distribution network is a solution to solve this challenge in district heating systems.

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89 - Distributed pumping in chilled water systems

Commercial buildings face challenges with balancing and poor dynamic flow regulation of their air conditioning systems. Listen to how Grundfos applies distributed pumping solutions to provide continuous automatic balancing in chilled water systems.

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87 - Understanding our water

Have you wondered why water behaves as it does? We have talked to Professor Søren Rud Keiding of Aarhus University, to hear about what makes water so special, and why it is essential for life, people, the climate and our food.