SCALA1 twin pump configuration

Learn how to take advantage of SCALA1's twin pump capability and discover how to complete the installation with GO Remote.

GRUNDFOS SCALA1 offers twin pump configuration where two pumps are connected. This is especially useful in two situations:

- First it allows you to have a back-up pump ready in order to avoid downtime in case …an issue occurs with the primary pump. This is also the default set-up and… is called the duty stand by mode.
- Or perhaps you just need more flow than one pump can provide. Here the extra pump can assist the primary pump to meet the demand. This mode is called duty assist.

In both cases which pump is the … primary pump and which is the secondary pump …will alternate at regular intervals. This ensures that both pumps are utilised equally and that they are always ready to run when needed.

To build a twin configuration, the first thing you have to do is to acquire two SCALA1 pumps of equal size.

Next you need a SCALA1 twin accessory kit which consists of… a common base plate,… two manifolds,… and a communication cable to connect the two pumps.

You can learn how to mount a twin configuration in the SCALA1 Twin Quick Guide.
To complete the installation, download the GRUNDFOS GO app from the App Store or Google Play.

In the GO app you can … change the operation mode between the default duty stand by… and duty assist. You can also select the alternation type. You can chose to alternate based on runtime or… or on the number of starts.

If you choose the default alternate on runtime… you can set the time between alternations. If we set this to 3 … the pumps will alternate after three hours of accumulated runtime. If you on the other hand chose to alternate based on the number of starts… you can select the number of starts. If we set this to 5, the pumps will alternate every 5 starts.

Another benefit of the GO app is that it allows you to closely monitor pump performance in realtime.
This concludes our module on configuration of the SCALA1 twin pump.

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