Exploring the control modes of COMFORT pumps

Gain an understanding of the control modes of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pumps.

In this video, we will take a closer look at the control modes of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pumps.

The COMFORT range consists of 4 pump types, each of which has its own set of control modes. All of the COMFORT types are ready for operation as the required controllers and sensors are already built in.

The control modes aim to reduce heat and electrical energy consumption without sacrificing the comfort of the house residents. Let’s see how the control modes work.

This control mode is ideal when the hot water recirculation system+C12 is supposed to run continuously for twenty-four hours, seven days a week or when the pump is connected to an external control unit. The pump will operate continuously when supplied with power.

The automatic temperature control mode turns the pump on when the water temperature drops below a certain value. When the water has gained a sufficient temperature, the pump turns off again. This ensures that the water heater does not over-consume energy, while maintaining the delivery of hot water to the taps. The mode works automatically and requires no manual setting.

The Temperature control mode can be combined with the Timer in the COMFORT TDT variant. The timer allows users to set operating periods easily through a user-friendly front interface. When the residents are at work, the hot water recirculation system will not operate, preventing the heat source from consuming energy. Just before the first resident returns home, the pump can be pre-set to turn on and ensure that hot water is ready to be used.

The innovative AUTOADAPT control mode incorporates an external sensor on the supply pipe for rapid detection of hot water usage.

This enables the pump to quickly learn usage patterns throughout the day, differentiating between mornings, evenings, weekdays, weekends, and periods of inactivity such as vacations. Using these insights, the pump operates at predicted times, ensuring hot water is available only when needed. After 24 hours of no hot water usage, the pump automatically enters vacation mode, resuming operation upon detecting hot water demand.

More detailed explanations about control modes can be found in documentation which is easily accessible by scanning the QR code directly on the pump’s front foil or packaging. That covers the control modes of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pump.

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