A better way to handle domestic wastewater

No homeowner wants to think too much about domestic wastewater. And under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have to. It would just disappear down the drain. But sometimes, wastewater systems can be overwhelmed, causing backflow, and it can get complicated and costly. Luckily, there are ways to improve domestic wastewater systems.

To worry as little as possible about domestic wastewater, you need efficient and reliable pumps. But what if you could get solutions that not only address wastewater management but also take sump drainage requirements into account? Look no further. To help you tackle the critical tasks that come with wastewater, we have a range of products including water drain pumps, basement sump pumps and small sump pumps.

Efficient water drain pumps keep homes clean and safe

The number one priority when removing wastewater from family homes is to keep living spaces clean and safe. 

Our water drain pumps ensure just that. Their robust construction and innovative technology make them very reliable and minimise the risk of flooding and water damage. In fact, water drain pumps are the most effective way to handle grey wastewater.

Basement sump pumps efficiently remove excess water

When it comes to sump drainage, especially in basements prone to flooding, our compact and reliable basement sump pumps are ideal. 

These pumps remove excess water and prevent flooding and damage to a home. You can help keep your customers’ basements dry and protected, thanks to the basement sump pumps. Their consistent and continuous operation will give your customers peace of mind.

Compact yet powerful small sump pumps

What to do when you need to remove water in areas where space is limited? What you need is a small sump pump. It’s a compact yet powerful solution designed to fit into tight spaces. Whether you have a small utility room, crawl space or any other confined area, our small sump pumps offer reliable and efficient water removal.

And don’t let their compact size fool you. Grundfos' small sump pumps deliver exceptional performance and prevent potential damage caused by excess moisture. 

Advanced technology and reliable performance

It’s rooted in our DNA to offer you state-of-the-art solutions that combine advanced technology with reliable performance. Our range of water drain pumps, basement sump pumps and small sump pumps lets you effectively deal with domestic wastewater, sump drainage and water removal needs. Simply use either a float switch or controller to automatically operate your pump. 

This pump range is the key to keeping your customers’ living spaces, basements and confined areas dry and protected. Experience the Grundfos advantage in sump drainage, water drain pumps, basement sump pumps and small sump pumps today.


Learn more about the pumping requirements for domestic wastewater

Visit our Ecademy to learn more about pumping issues for the drainage of clean or grey water. You’ll also find out how to remove effluent (even when it contains fibres) and to handle sewage including toilet discharge.

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