Dear valued customer

My name is Anna Charlotte Meyer Poulsen, and I’ve been appointed as the new VP of HVAC OEM from April 2024.


About me: I’m married to Brian, who also works as a leader for Grundfos. We have three kids: A daughter (23) and two sons (20 and 14). Let’s connect on LinkedIn


I have been with Grundfos for 25 years, so I am well-versed in the company’s business and value offerings, and I bring a lot of leadership experience with me. I am enthusiastic about embarking on this journey with the HVAC OEM team and I’m confident in our ability to work with you, our customers, toward remarkable feats in the future.

The last couple of years have been turbulent and challenging – and despite a sluggish market, we are standing at the threshold of change through the energy transition. We are prepared for the market to pick up again, and we maintain faith in the projected growth of heat pump sales between now and 2030. 

Between then and now, the trajectory of demand in the heat-pump market will be affected by evolving preferences Dear valued customer in households, as well as legislative initiatives like the EU Green Deal, the EU heat-pump action plan, and the UK’s Clean Heat Market Mechanism. I believe it’s important that we embrace the transition towards more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, striving always to facilitate change.

But merely advocating for change is insufficient. As a part of our strategy to meet escalating demands and shifting market needs, we have ensured that our supply chain and operational capacities are scalable and responsive, without compromising lead times or quality. Moving toward a sustainable supply chain involves investing in R&D for digitalisation to enhance LIN communication features, refine modular design, and incorporate renewable materials into our production.

We advocate for collective responsibility. That’s why we are continously working to improve industry standards by engaging with associations including the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the European Heating Industry (EHI), the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Heizungsindustrie (BDH), among others.

Our aim is to establish an industrywide agenda that addresses these fundamental drivers as the new industry standard – a move that benefits not only our customers and homeowners, but also the environment, as excelling in best practices is crucial for the OEM industry.

Most importantly, I’m excited to participate in our industry’s transition towards a better future as part of the Grundfos HVAC OEM team. To learn more about our perspective on the upcoming year, read our 2024 Forecast below.