Find leaks quickly and efficiently

Small leaks in your water network can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to locate.

Because they do not cause major fluctuations to your normal consumption, they are hard to spot. Yet, over time, they can amount to significant losses for your water utility in terms of leaked water, wasted energy and ultimately lost revenue.

With increasing energy prices and a growing concern about water scarcity, every cubic meter of water in your network matters, and stopping leaks quickly and efficiently is essential for your finances, your public image and the environment.

Let’s look at an example

In just three months, one leak can discharge up to 16,000 m3 of wasted water, depending on the leakage size and the pressure in the surrounding network. This corresponds to the average yearly water consumption of 80 households.

If we take energy consumption into consideration, a leak could cost up to 16,000 kWh in wasted energy for transportation which again could be €8,000 out the window.

Water waste

0,5 m3

each hour

Energy required for transportation

1 kWh/m3

each hour

Cost of energy

€ 0,5/kWh

Solution: Detect fluctuations with automatic monitoring

The most efficient way to detect leaks in your water network is to monitor consumption to calculate your normal consumption based on historic data. Once you know your normal consumption, you can set up alarms to be triggered by deviations from the norm indicating the presence of a leak.

You can then prioritise your search for leaks in the areas where deviations from your normal consumption are detected to locate and repair leaks quicker, ultimately lowering the financial and environmental impact of a leak.