Partner: “Grundfos products have enabled us to earn customers’ trust”

Bilqis International Limited is a Ghanaian construction company founded in 2006. It primarily serves its home country but also supplies goods, services and equipment to Liberia, Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa. Although Bilqis’ core business is construction, it has expanded to offer valves, pumps, chemicals for water treatment and other products. 

Working with Grundfos has given us the opportunity to assist businesses that have stringent requirements for efficiency in all areas, and with the help of Grundfos’ energy-efficient products, we’ve been able to gain customers’ trust and grow our clientele
Munzir Naasr-Deen, Bilqis' managing director

Munzir believes in forging strong and effective alliances with capable partners who can provide synergies in achieving corporate goals. He sees Grundfos as a key enabler in providing effective and high-quality service to clients, and regards Grundfos’ association with Bilqis -which began in 2018 - as an asset in bringing new customers on board. 

Munzir Naasr-Deen, managing director of Bilqis


The journey with Grundfos 

“The partnership with Grundfos has been very pleasant,” says Munzir. “They are always available to help me with any needs I have. The Grundfos representative I work with is always on top of things and offers excellent support. Since I started working with Grundfos, I’ve only experienced growth, especially in the area of pumps. Thanks to the partnership, this growth has been rapid,” says Munzir.

He says Bilqis customers report that once they install Grundfos pumps, they never experience problems. This fosters customer loyalty and trust, which results in more business referrals.  

“I have never installed for a customer and received feedback about problems later. The experience has been wonderful.” 

What does the future look like for Bilqis? 

Muzir has plans to build a water treatment plant in collaboration with Grundfos to provide treated drinking water to underserved communities. He believes working with Grundfos, with its high levels of quality and service, will make it easier to get this project up and running.

“Our ambition can never be underestimated; it is huge. Over the past two or three years, we have had discussions with Grundfos about building a water treatment facility somewhere in Africa. The objective is to use the most effective methods to deliver potable water to the underserved. I’m confident that Grundfos will help us to achieve success.”


About Bilqis International: 

  • Founded in 2006 
  • Headquarters in Ghana 
  • Staff of 18 people 

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