Let’s create better heating systems

Better Heating Systems is a campaign created to help installers solve common HVAC challenges.

The HVAC industry is changing. The transition from stand-alone to prefabricated units, sustainabile solutions like heat pumps, and digitalisation are leading the transformation. Altogether, this increases complexity and demands more from installers.

Whether heat pumps or boilers, pumps play a central role in heating systems as they influence overall system performance. This makes correct pump handling essential to ensuring heating systems operate effectively and efficiently – and to providing optimal comfort for homeowners.

For installers, the most common heating system issues can be successfully solved by ensuring procedures such as hydronic balancing are carried out correctly to make sure legislation is followed and warranties remain valid. But there are other potential everyday challenges, and here at Grundfos we’ve created the Grundfos Lab to address them.

Solving the most common problems in Grundfos Lab

Many years of hands-on experience has given us insights into the heating system challenges installers face and the know-how to rectify them. In our dedicated Grundfos Lab our experts focus on these challenges. They demonstrate how these challenges can be solved and avoided with proven Grundfos solutions and add-on tools such as the Grundfos GO Balance app. It’s our way of ensuring we make Better Heating Systems – together.

Challenges covered

The Grundfos Lab focuses on six topics – hydronic balancing, commissioning, circulator pump replacement, noise, magnetite and heat pumps.

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