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Protect homes with efficient flood prevention products

These are the 6 most common causes of flooding of homes (c)  

  • The weather - Unlike the other five common causes of flooding, there isn’t much to do about the weather. And while no one can control the weather, it makes it that much more important to be proactive and prevent the other five causes of flooding.
  • Broken pipes - If a pipe breaks in a home, it can be just a matter of minutes before water comes gushing out. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of even minor leaks so you can prevent them from causing flooding. 
  • Poor drainage - Bad drainage can leave a house ruined and the repairs are costly. Having the drainage checked before an emergency hit can really be worth the while. 
  • Clogged rain gutters
    If rain gutters are clogged with dirt and debris, water can’t effectively be diverted away from the house, potentially causing flooding. Clean gutters are the way to go here. 
  • Malfunctioning appliances  - Appliances that aren’t properly connected to the water supply can also be the cause of flooding in a house. Therefore, leaks or any problems with major appliances should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Damaged foundation - The foundation of a house can have both flaws and cracking, allowing water to enter through the floors. Just like the rest of the common causes, the repairs from flooding due to a damaged foundation can be very costly. 

Insufficient installations can’t cope in a time of need

Flooding has three main root causes: heavy rain, burst pipes or a high ground water level. In most cases when indoor flooding occurs, the installation is ill-equipped to handle it.  

What makes an installation insufficient?

  • Incorrect backflow prevention – If the backflow valve is installed below sewage level, it will not prevent flooding. 
  • No backflow valve is installed 
  • Wrong dimension of wastewater system – For instance, the pit is too small to handle the load of water coming in from heavy rainfall. 
  • Undersized pump – If the pump is too small to handle the load of water coming from, for example, heavy rainfall.

Reduce the risk of indoor flooding and avoid related costs

Grundfos offers a range of flood prevention products that remove wastewater quickly and efficiently. These products help prevent contaminated wastewater in homes and the related costs. Costs that can amount to EUR 70,000 for cleaning and renovating a home after flooding (b).

We have a team that develops tailored solutions for domestic wastewater applications. Here are some of our flood prevention products which are designed to meet any wastewater discharge needs. They come as both reactive and proactive fixed installations with backflow prevention: 

  • UNILIFT CC removal of water down to 3 mm

The MULTIBOX is your emergency kit

If you react early when there’s an emergency, you can minimise major property damage. This requires the necessary equipment at hand and the MULTIBOX is the ideal flood prevention product in a time of need. 

It is specially designed for flood and heavy rain protection. The carrying box contains everything you need to protect a home: 

  • Extra-long 15 m pressure hose with stainless-steel kink protection, guaranteeing maximum pump performance even with sharp turns

  • Integrated check valve that prevents backflow

  • Grundfos UNILIFT CC water pump with a 10 m cable

Furthermore, with the multi-sized adapter, the vertical and horizontal connection options and the integrated check valve, there is no need to fiddle around with connections or desperately look for adapters and accessories.

The MULTIBOX is always ready for immidate use and is easy to store or have in your van. 

Learn more about the pumping requirements for domestic wastewater 

Visit our Ecademy to learn about some pumping issues for the drainage of clean or grey water, the removal of effluent (even when containing fibres) or the handling of sewage including toilet discharge.

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