Question: Do I need a filter for the booster pump installation?


A typical Grundfos pump for residential use is designed to pump clean water. By Grundfos’ definition, water is ‘clean’ when it has a chlorine content below 1 part per million (ppm) and a maximum chloride content of 300 ppm.

Too much debris in the water can cause damage to the pump’s hydraulics. If you know the booster pump will be pumping dirty water, we recommend using a mechanical inlet filter. Made of durable composite materials, our inlet filters are easy to install, clean and maintain. The filter has rotary connections making for flexible installation. Simply remove the inlet connection and screw it onto the filter.

If you need to pump another liquid in the installation, you need to select a pump made of a material that can withstand the components of that liquid. Check our pump liquid guide to find the pump you need.

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