Question: Does Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 come with a warranty?


Yes, Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 comes with a warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship. The length of the warranty can vary depending on the model and region.

What does the warranty cover? 

The warranty typically covers defects in material and workmanship. This means that if the pump fails due to a manufacturing defect or faulty part, Grundfos will repair or replace the pump free of charge.

What is not covered by the warranty? 

The warranty does not cover damage or failure due to misuse, improper installation, or normal wear and tear. It also does not cover damage or loss caused by external factors such as power surges or natural disasters.

How do I make a warranty claim? 

To make a warranty claim, you will need to contact Grundfos customer service or the dealer where you purchased the pump. You will typically need to provide proof of purchase and a description of the issue.

What is the process for repairing or replacing a pump under warranty?

If the pump is found to be covered by the warranty, Grundfos will typically repair or replace the pump free of charge. The dealer or service center will provide instructions for returning the pump and completing the repair or replacement process.

Are there any additional terms or conditions for the warranty? 

Please check local conditions at the website or local sales company, there may be additional terms or conditions to the warranty. It is important to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

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