Question: Troubleshooting of a lifting station


How do I troubleshoot common issues with my Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump? 

If you encounter issues with your Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump, refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual. It provides step-by-step guidance for identifying and resolving common problems. If the issue persists, contact a qualified service technician for further assistance. 

How do I determine if the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump needs replacement or an upgrade, and what options are available? 

If the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump experiences frequent malfunctions, reduced performance, or no longer meets your requirements, it may be time to consider a replacement or upgrade. Evaluate your specific situation by contacting a Grundfos representative or authorized dealer to explore available options that best suit your needs.

Why isn't the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump turned on? 

  1. Check the power supply to ensure it is functioning properly. 
  2. Verify that the float switch is not stuck in the off position. 
  3. Ensure the pump is correctly installed and connected.

Why isn't the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump pumping water? 

There could be several reasons for this issue, such as a power outage, a tripped circuit breaker, a clogged impeller or discharge pipe, or a faulty float switch.

  1. Check that the inlet and outlet pipes are clear and not obstructed. 
  2. Verify that the impeller is undamaged and not worn out. 
  3. Ensure the pump is properly primed and filled with water. 

Why is the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump making noise? 

Unusual noises like grinding or rattling may indicate issues such as a clogged impeller or discharge pipe, a worn-out motor, or an unbalanced pump.

  1. Check that the impeller is clear of debris or obstructions. 
  2. Ensure the pump is not vibrating excessively due to incorrect installation or mounting. 
  3. Verify that the bearings are not worn out or damaged. 

How do I clean my Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 pump? 

  1. Turn off the power to the pump and unplug it. 
  2. Remove the pump/motor unit from the mounting bracket. 
  3. Clean the impeller and pump housing using a soft brush and water. 
  4. Reinstall the pump and restore power. 

Why is the pump vibrating excessively? 

Excessive vibration may be caused by an unbalanced vortex impeller, a clogged discharge pipe, a worn-out motor, or poor installation or mounting.

Why isn't the pump draining water from the basin or tank? 

This issue could be caused by a clogged or obstructed discharge pipe, a malfunctioning float switch, or a problem with the venting of the tank. The charcoal filter can be checked from outside very easily by removing the cap and checking the filter material is wet. Remove the filter and check operation. Dry when filter gets wet. At malfunction of the switch a replacement might be necessary, and a professional installer should be contacted. 

How do I troubleshoot specific issues with the different SOLOLIFT2 models?

Depending on your SOLOLIFT2 model you should check the Installation & Operation Guide for resolutions or contact Grundfos customer service for guidance and support in troubleshooting issues specific for the SOLOLIFT2 model.

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