Question: When should I choose SCALA1?


The SCALA1 would be a suitable choice in the following scenarios:

Less complex water demand: If your home is small to medium-sized with fewer water outlets and less variation in water usage, SCALA1 should be sufficient.

Cost consideration: SCALA1 is less expensive than SCALA2. If budget is a key consideration and your water demand is not particularly high, SCALA1 would be a more cost-effective choice.

Simpler installation and mmaintenance: SCALA1 is a simpler pump with fewer features, which may make installation and maintenance more straightforward. However, SCALA1 has 5 models, that mainly differ by the max inlet pressure, max and nominal head, and nominal flow. Therefore, it is important to know how to size SCALA1.

Self-priming: SCALA1 is the perfect solution for pressuring water from above and below-ground sources. With an impressive suction lift capability of up to 8 meters and self-priming functionality up to 4 meters, it offers versatile and reliable performance.

Head requirements: Depending on the model, SCALA1 can provide a pump head of 25, 35, 45 and 55 m.

Remember, SCALA1 is designed to provide a consistent boost in water pressure. If you have variable water needs or require intelligent control to maintain a constant pressure regardless of demand changes, you might want to consider the more advanced SCALA2.

Choose the SCALA1 model if you are seeking an economically efficient, compact, and fixed-speed pump solution. The SCALA1 provides such features as remote connectivity, the capability for external pump control, and the functionality to establish a Twin pump configuration setup. This cost-effective and qualitative pump can serve as a valuable asset to your operations.

Remember to always consult with a pump professional or installer to ensure you're choosing the right pump for your needs.

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