Question: When should I choose SCALA2?


The Grundfos SCALA2 is an excellent choice in the following situations:

Complex Water Demand: SCALA2 is ideal for homes with multiple water outlets or for situations where water usage varies significantly throughout the day. The pump's intelligent control adjusts performance according to water demand, ensuring constant pressure regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure.

Pressure Needs: SCALA2 can provide a pump head up to 45 meters. This is useful for multi-story homes, or applications that require high water pressure.

Intelligent Control: If you desire constant water pressure regardless of the number of outlets being used or the water demand, SCALA2 is the better option. Its intelligent pump control system adapts to changing water demands, making it more comfortable and convenient for the user. The SCALA2 incorporates several essential features such as intelligent speed control, integrated sensors, integrated frequency converter, and an integrated tank, all of which work harmoniously to maintain consistent pressure levels within the system. The SCALA2's intelligent control system can conveniently communicate system status on the HMI on conditions through LID.

Variable Speed: SCALA2 dynamically adjusts its performance based on water demand, ensuring a constant pressure supply to all taps. Regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure, the pump delivers reliable and consistent performance throughout.

Self-Priming: SCALA2 is the perfect solution for pressuring water from above and below-ground sources. With an impressive suction lift capability of up to 8 meters and self-priming functionality up to 4 meters, it offers versatile and reliable performance.

Energy Efficiency: Although both pumps are designed to be energy-efficient, SCALA2's intelligent control and permanent magnet motor technology allow it to adapt to changing demands better, potentially making it more energy-efficient in varied usage scenarios.

The SCALA2 pump system can be considered a 'one size fits all' solution due to its inherent flexibility in accommodating different requirements through the availability of adjustable setpoints. This feature allows users to fine-tune and optimize the pump's performance according to specific application needs, making it a highly adaptable and versatile choice.

Always consult with a pump professional or installer to ensure you're choosing the right pump for your needs.

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