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It’s Everyone’s Comfort Zone

What does your comfort zone look like? Is it a project done right, on budget and on time? A system that minimizes energy consumption? A building so reliable that tenants never complain?

Engineer, contractor or building owner, your answer is likely “all of the above.” And that means you need an HVAC solution from Grundfos.

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Precise control »
Ongoing optimization »

How We Keep You in the Zone

We approach your building's applications as an integrated system, going beyond the pump with technologies that work together to keep the building comfortable and your mind at ease. The result? Smart, adaptive systems that run reliably and efficiently for years to come — without compromise.


Hydraulic design, ECM motors and smart controls deliver consistent comfort with the lowest kW.


Extensive testing, decreased vibration and self-optimizing controls reduce maintenance and future-proof your building.


Single-source supply, intuitive interfaces and ease-of-install features give you out-of-the-box intelligence.

See why the right innovation means less complexity

We’re designing smarter HVAC pumping solutions that use data to control, optimize and adapt your entire system, without your intervention. And we’re delivering it in a complete, simplified setup that saves you time and energy.


A smart system is more than the sum of its intelligent parts. We’ve combined the best of our component-level expertise into comprehensive HVAC systems that make everything easier.

  • Receive a system with every part designed, perfected and integrated by Grundfos: pumps, motors, drives, controls, sensors and more
  • Reduce install costs and commissioning times with a single-source supplier
  • Cut integration complexity with minimal connection points and intuitive interfaces


A Grundfos Difference: Distributed Pumping

With the intelligent, integrated design of our pumps, new ways to engineer your HVAC systems are possible. Distributed pumping uses smart pumps at the terminal units to bring intelligence, simplicity and efficiency to your building by providing flow control and adding pressure only where and when it is actually needed — reducing energy usage by up to 54%. See why it works »

Precise control, simple setup

The industry’s most sophisticated algorithms and integrated sensors collect and process your building’s data to give you more control with less intervention.

  • Manage full- and part-load conditions most efficiently with the combination of proportional pressure control mode, built-in sensors and ECM motors
  • Minimize the effects of Delta T syndrome and building drift — without remote sensors »
  • Commission quickly with pre-configured control mode options that don’t require fine-tuning and multiple site visits

A Grundfos Difference: Proportional Pressure

Grundfos proportional pressure control mode automatically matches pump output to changing building flow demands, removing the guesswork for the most accurate performance with the easiest setup. See how it works »

Ongoing optimization, better performance

With smart pumps at the heart of managing energy flow through your building, you now have all the data needed to adapt and move water through the building at the lowest kW without sacrificing comfort.

  • Get actionable insights that improve building efficiency
  • Protect performance with fault detection and diagnostics from Grundfos Building Analytics
  • Continuously monitor performance and energy consumption, with alerts that help you prevent building drift

A Grundfos Difference: Building Analytics

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS CLOUD Building Analytics takes you to the next level, transforming your building’s data into recommendations that improve efficiency while meeting tough sustainability targets. See the insights it delivers »

Why Sensors?

Sensors get a bad rap. Though they’re proven to be the best way to collect accurate data, they can be a pain to install, especially remotely. Grundfos has explored the sensor issue from every angle, including using no sensors at all. We learned that you really do need sensors to deliver real system data to get the most reliable control and maintain design intent. That’s why we have invested heavily in our sensor technology. We integrate state-of-the-art sensors directly into the pump to give you all the benefits with none of the headaches.

The right solution for all your applications

When it comes to HVAC, Grundfos has a long history of supplying quality pumps that guarantee performance and reliability.


Grundfos solutions are designed to always match system load, giving you maximum efficiency for all system components.

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Customized with low NPSH, Grundfos pumps optimize the boiler feed process and ensure cavitation-free operation even outside normal duty range.



Minimize energy consumption, increase comfort levels and future-proof your building with the right heating pumps.

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With the large amount of water being circulated in central systems, the reliability provided by Grundfos pumps is crucial to delivering peace of mind.

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Ready for your Grundfos HVAC system?

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