The best possible comfort at the lowest possible price with AUTOADAPT

A pump running around the clock can negate energy savings by increasing power costs and heat loss from the pipes. Thanks to improved AUTOADAPT, you can now provide homeowners with ultimate comfort while helping them to save on energy costs.

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AUTOADAPT is an intelligent feature of our ALPHA pump. It works by continually monitoring flow and pressure and automatically adapts to the requirements of the heating system. If a heating zone requires more heat, the pump will increase the speed automatically to provide that. This ensures optimal comfort at the lowest possible energy demand. In an extensive simulation study, we tested the AUTOADAPT feature in a combination of houses and weather profiles. In every one of the 1000 cases, the intelligent algorithm performed as intended.

Explore all the features of the digital ALPHA

The ALPHA pump unlocks a world of new opportunities for data-driven insights for easier troubleshooting. Discover, analyze, and respond in real-time with an intelligent pump designed for the modern era. With smarter, more detailed data, you can be ready for whatever comes next.

With the new ALPHA, you get built-in technology that allows you to easily troubleshoot…

Powered by electronically commutated motors (ECM) Grundfos circulators features the highest Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating in the market.

With the new ALPHA, you get a digital solution that ensures you’re always on top of the latest developments…

To avoid unwanted noise and reduced performance Grundfos pumps are self-venting in any setting and mode.

With the new ALPHA, you get guided setup, which gives you recommendation and ensures optimal performance.

With the new ALPHA, you get comparable replacement recommendations using the Grundfos GO app to replace a variety of different Grundfos and competitor products.…

Step into the future with the right pump


ALPHA is a connected and fully digital pump that offers troubleshooting. Commission automatically with a pump made for both existing and future domestic heating systems – ensuring you are prepared for whatever comes next.

Product info coming in November.


Demand for more energy-efficient and sustainable heating systems is on the rise. An inefficient circulator is not the place to waste energy. Powered by electronically commutated motors (ECM) technology, the UPSe pump features dry-run protection, improved wiring for easier installation with a toolless power connector, and automatic self-venting – making it the most efficient pump on the market.