Bosch India Saves 65% Energy In Chilled Water System

Right from inception to the final execution of the project, we received exceptional support from Grundfos and its distributor Saptha Innovations and their remarkably efficient teams. Our management appreciates the efforts taken and for the immense energy consumption being saved on a daily basis.
Steevan S Fernandes, Müdür Yardımcısı, Tesis Yönetimi, Bosch Automotive Electronics India

Bosch Automotive Electronics India, located in Naganathapura, Bengaluru, specializes in manufacturing Electronic Control Units for the Automotive Electronics Division. The company is continually seeking more energy-efficient methods to enhance its electronics development. The plant primarily produces essential components such as spark plugs, starter motors, alternators, generators, and gasoline system equipment, catering to both domestic and international OE customers.


The HVAC systems in industrial buildings consume nearly 50% of the total energy usage, underscoring their critical significance. Consequently, Bosch embarked on a quest for measures designed to enhance energy efficiency. By doing so, the company not only minimizes cost implications but also diminishes the environmental impact while ensuring sustained system efficiency.


Grundfos assumed the role of a dependable partner, undertaking an energy audit of the chilled water system to assess its energy consumption and efficiency. The audit exposed the oversized nature of the pumps, consequently leading to elevated operational and maintenance costs.

Subsequent to this, a comprehensive simulation study was executed to differentiate the energy consumption of traditional pumps (IE2/IE3) from Grundfos e-pumps. As a resolution, Grundfos proposed the implementation of a CRE pump featuring an IE5 (MGE) motor, which is a multistage pump integrated with drives capable of continuously adapting pump performance to accommodate dynamic demands.

Successfully executing the pilot project for the chilled water circulation system, Grundfos achieved a remarkable 45% improvement in both efficiency and reliability.


In collaboration with our authorized distributor, Grundfos installed and seamlessly integrated pumps into the chiller system. Leveraging Grundfos e-pumps, the Bosch facility succeeded in augmenting the system's efficiency and achieving its sustainability objectives.

Furthermore, Bosch Automotive Electronics India, situated in Nagnathpura, Bangalore, was honored with a Gold category award from CII for Low-Cost Automation. Notably, one of the highlighted projects contributing to this recognition was the successful installation of energy-efficient pumps.


In collaboration with its distributor, Grundfos conducted energy assessments for the chilled water circulation systems at Bosch Automotive Electronics. As part of the solution, six of the CRE 64-1-1 P-F-A-E-HQQE (IE5 Model) were provided as secondary pumps for the chiller.

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