Our ambitions

Since pioneering energy-efficient water and digital solutions is our business, we’re committed to reducing our global footprint by saving our own energy and water, while also enabling a green supply chain.

Doing our part for a sustainable future

We don’t underestimate the impact we have as a business. That’s why we’re continually striving to minimise our environmental footprint by producing and utilising our own innovative water and energy-efficient solutions while activating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

In reducing our own footprint, we’re committed to:

  • Responsibly measuring, managing and reducing our own water withdrawal
  • Efficiently reducing our energy consumption through our own business operations
  • Enabling a green supply chain focused on purchasing, logistics and packaging

In 2022 we reduced our own energy consumption by 4.4%, and we remain committed to reducing our environmental footprint by setting science-based targets and taking a more data- and impact-driven approach to sustainability.

Saving our water and our energy

We’re working tirelessly to reduce water withdrawal in our own operations. 

Our global water withdrawal is relatively low compared to organisations in other industries. Our primary use of water is in our manufacturing and assembly plants.

We have also been a long-time supporter of the global movement to limit the world’s temperature increase, and we’re continually evaluating our impact across our entire value chain.

We know the responsibility we have as a business, and that’s why we are just as committed to minimising the negative effects of our own business operations through our green buildings, electric vehicles (EVs), and renewables programmes.

Product life cycle

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle. Already in the design phase, we use our Sustainable Product Solutions toolbox which allows us to work through a product’s entire life cycle systematically. This is supported with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental impacts of our solutions. 

From one initiative to another, we are continually exploring the potential of the circular economy, from tapping into circular business models, piloting take-back systems, to exploring the reusability of parts and product components.

Enabling a green supply chain

Our green supply chain is vital to building a resilient company able to implement robust solutions. Our Green Supply Chain Management programme is a cross-functional initiative across three workstreams: purchasing, logistics and packaging.

In sustainable purchasing, we are working across our business to tackle climate and social issues, which also include partnerships with our suppliers. In packaging, we develop solutions that decrease the environmental impact caused by our packaging. In logistics, we’re focused on analysing solutions that are both feasible and impactful, while ensuring a reliable delivery service for our customers.