Grundfos pump solutions reduce CO2 emissions at hotel

The Situation

This project has been a success and we are pleased with the results"
Tim Tate, General Manager Millennium Hilton Bangkok.

In November 2022, the Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel partnered with Grundfos to reduce their CO2 emissions. 

As part of their "Paving the Way to Net Zero" plan, the Hilton Group has pledged to reduce their Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon intensity by 61% by 2030. As a step towards achieving this, the hotel management group teamed up with Grundfos for a thorough review of their current equipment. 

The Grundfos Thailand team performed an energy audit of the hotel's existing pumps as part of their Grundfos Energy Earnings project to find out how much energy could be saved if they were upgraded to new Grundfos pumps. 

The Solution

Upon completing the audit, the Grundfos team found that the Millennium Hilton Bangkok's existing chiller pumps would benefit from being upgraded. 

A set of four Grundfos LS 250-200 pumps coupled with IE3 motors were installed at the hotel. LS pumps made for an effective solution as they are highly efficient and have low lifecycle costs. They also have excellent long-term reliability and are easily serviced. 

IE3 motors require less cooling air to maintain the motor temperature, leading to higher efficiency. By providing pumps equipped with IE3 motors, less energy is used, resulting in lower emissions and decreased operating costs. 

The Outcome

By upgrading to four Grundfos LS 250-200 pumps coupled with IE3 motors, the Millennium Hilton Bangkok was able to save approximately 57,000kg of CO2 emissions per year. This was an impressive 23% energy reduction compared to their previous pumps. 

Grundfos Thailand proved themselves as worthwhile partners for the Millennium Hilton Bangkok by delivering great energy savings for the hotel as part of the Grundfos Energy Earnings project. 

Grundfos Supplied:

4x Grundfos LS 250-200 Pumps coupled with IE3 motors 2x new overload relays.