Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni

Staying at a hotel can be the relaxing escape we all need every now and then or the necessary place to rest while on business. Either way, it is expected that you will have the amount of silence required to achieve a peaceful night's sleep. 

Often there are various kinds of noise and extrane­ous noise that can disturb our rest while staying at the hotel, one of disturbance is the loud sound coming from pump station. Like most 4-star hotels, Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni hotel is also challenged by this vibrations and noise pollution.

Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni hotel, is a 4-star international hotel featuring 483 rooms and suites. Located in the heart of the capital city of Jakarta - Indonesia, this hotel is part of the world-leading hospitality group Accor. 

An installation checking was carried out by a team of Grundfos authorized dealer "PT. Toyasae Berkah Abadi (TBA)" and identified that the existing water supply pumps needed to be replaced due to its aging life cycle thus creating a loud noise. 

Based on the management approval, TBA replaced the old Italian end suction pumps to new, modern and efficient pumping system. The replacement package includes local VSD 4x CRlS-04@ 4 kW, and professional installation with commissioning by TBA team. 

The Old Installation of water supply Pumps

The New Control Panel


After replacement, vibration and noise pollution were resolved. Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni hotel management is satisfied and appreciates the performance of the Grundfos booster system which is not only quiet, but the product itself is reliable, energy efficient and high-tech. In addition, the professional work done by the TBA team as an authorized Grundfos dealer in carrying out this replacement was also appreciated by the management. 

The New Grundfos Booster Systems