Water Utility

Together, we are on a journey towards a sustainable water future. We work in partnership to optimise water management solutions for the entire water cycle.

Transforming water, together

Meeting the growing demand for clean and safe water requires a transformation of the way we manage the entire water cycle, from drinking water to wastewater, from communities to irrigation.

In Water Utility, we work in partnership with stakeholders from our entire ecosystem: customers, designers, consultants, value chain partners as well as suppliers.

Together, we create intelligent and sustainable pumping and solar powered solutions aimed at optimising water management in ground water and irrigation, clean water distribution, wastewater collection and transport, as well as water intake.

The Water Utility Division is headquartered in Brookshire, Texas, USA, with a global presence throughout all continents.

Living our values

The pioneering new global headquarters of Water Utility is a shining example of how we live our values to help solve the world’s water and climate challenges. It’s the first building in Texas to be classified with LEED-certified v4 Platinum Building status.

The one-of-a-kind, innovative building is fully electric, uses no fossil fuels, and instead relies on solar energy, natural light, and energy-efficient equipment. Less than 13% of the water usage is sourced from the local municipal system.

Together towards a sustainable water future

Grundfos’s sustainability ambitions are at the core of our work in the Water Utility division.  We can contribute the most by protecting the world’s water, alleviating climate challenges, protecting precious resources, and improving people’s quality of life.

As an example, our SafeWater business unit works with partners to transform communities through commercially viable smart water solutions that provide access to clean water and contribute to a better future for all.

Your water management partner

Together, we help you connect, analyse, monitor, meter, optimise, and operate your water and wastewater assets.

Discover the full details of the intelligent, sustainable pumping and solar-powered Water Utility solutions for your industry.

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