World Water Day 2020

Let's make water a global priority

Water is our most precious resource. It is vital to our ability to maintain clean and safe cities and communities. However, we are facing dire water and climate challenges, making our water sources less reliable. In some places, climate change is leading to severe droughts, while others experience extreme floods.

Water and sustainability have been our business and passion for 75 years and on March 22, 2020 we join the rest of the world in highlighting the importance of water during World Water Day, a day about water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked.

Dive into the stories and explore how every responsible act has a sustainable impact.


Unlocking up to 80 percent energy savings

By replacing inefficient pumps, a Dubai building owner is saving 50-80 percent electricity on its air-conditioning systems. With a retrofit, customers are getting new, state-of-the-art pump equipment and are providing a better environment to residents.


Easy access to safe, affordable water

After decades of unsafe water access causing sickness and death, fishing villages by Lake Victoria are now getting safe and affordable water with Grundfos Lifelink systems. In one village, diarrhea cases are on the way to total eradication.

Our water footprint is bigger than we think


Afterall, we don’t see 90 percent of the water we use. We’re all part of the solution – because it’s not just water. It’s our water. It’s time to start caring #ForOurWater

Climate change creates water challenges

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Energy usage is a major cause of climate change, accounting for around 60 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change leads to significant water challenges like rising sea levels, heavy rainfall and extreme flooding in some parts of the world and water scarcity or droughts in others.


Water reuse turns wastewater into resource

Treating process water and reusing it onsite is saving water for both our factory and the community around Grundfos in Bjerringbro. Helping us save more than 5,000 m3 of water a year.

Water Scarcity

Water2Life: Helping hospitals and schools with safe water

The Water2Life fundraising program is one example of how Grundfos supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Water2Life is currently improving water supply for the Tocoa public school in Colón, Honduras.