Flow thinking - a new way of thinking

With Flow Thinking Grundfos gathers all our products into one business concept aimed at consulting engineers and others working with building technology - Commercial Building Services (CBS)

With Flow Thinking, Grundfos aims to be the main business partner in this area. Flow Thinking focuses on the entire system and its requirements.

The mission of Flow Thinking is actually quite simple: Establishing mutual understanding between Grundfos' own sales force and those consulting engineers and contractors who purchase our pumps.

More comprehensive co-operation and improved communication aim to generate closer relationships between Grundfos and partners.

Mastering innovative pump technology is not enough, you have to be able to think of complete systems and so staff will no longer just be pump specialists but from now on they will be system specialists with improved consulting skills.

When on March 19 the Flow Thinking van started on a long trip to various European companies, everybody was anxious to see how this new initiative would be received. Judging from the response received so far, Flow Thinking will be just as successful as expected - maybe even more.

Comprehensive training is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of each other's requirements. At first through a number of intensive training courses in the FT van and, once the Poul Due Jensen Academy is complete, later on with further training at the Academy.

In addition a number of customer training sessions will be held and full additional information will be supplied.