Ground-breaking Grundfos-innovation is now on German hands

The development company Grundfos NoNOx A/S will be taken over by the large German exhaust company Emitec, owned by Continental and GKN. Grundfos NoNOx have specialised in removing NOx exhaust gases from diesel engine exhaust by means of a dosing pump that doses the substance urea into the exhaust system and thereby remove the greatest part of the dangerous NOx exhaust gases to the benefit of the environment.

Grundfos’ Group President, Mr Carsten Bjerg, is most satisfied with the agreement:

- We are very happy that one of our innovations will have still better conditions and development opportunities with Emitec. It is better for technology and environment that our NoNOx technology will go on living in the business where it belongs. We are proud that we have made a sustainable solution for the automobile industry which will be able to make improvements for the environment with it.

- And we can demonstrate that investments in radical innovation pays. It started as an odd idea, but now it is ready to take off, and recognized companies want to use it. It confirms us in our belief that through innovation we can develop new ground-breaking products and technologies that can be used in new connections. Therefore we will continue in the same groove and will intensify our innovation work. There will be more new innovative solutions from Grundfos! Mr Bjerg announces.

Grundfos took the first steps with the NoNOx technology in 2002, and since then Grundfos NoNOx has cooperated with the large customers of the business, and they have further developed the technology to the competitive solutions that are sold to diesel engine and truck manufacturers today. For example several busses during the Olympian Games in Beijing, China, in 2008 were equipped with the NoNOx technology to minimize air pollution and smog.

Only in December 2009 Grundfos NoNOx was awarded by the European Environmental Press (EEP) in Paris for the sensor based urea dosing pump used in SCR solutions for purification of diesel exhaust.

- Our primary focus is on energy efficient pumps and pumping systems, and on making a difference when it comes to solving the world’s challenges with clean water. As an offshoot of this focus we have developed the NoNOx solution that has our classical pump technology as a starting point. We are very pleased that we have contributed to cleaner air and reduced diesel consumption. Now Emitec and their competent owners can further develop the technology with their knowledge and expertise in the automobile business. The future of NoNOx has been the most important issue for us, and Emitec will be better at taking the solution further than we are. That is the direct, strategic reason why we have chosen to enter into this agreement, Grundfos’ Group President says.

All 72 employees in Grundfos NoNOx A/S in Denmark, China and France will continue with Emitec.

None of the parties, Grundfos and Emitec, want to give information about the economic details of the agreement.