Milton the rabbit is a hit in Asia Pacific

The Grundfos sponsored book, teaching children about the Corona virus, has reached 23 million people in the Asia Pacific region.

Recognising the complexities that come with understanding the coronavirus disease for the younger generation, Grundfos partnered with Danish publisher, Milton Around The World, to develop the illustrated children’s book ‘Milton and the Invisible Coronavirus’ to help shed light on what the pandemic is all about, and how we can play our part in fighting it.

As a sponsor of this book, Grundfos took the initiative to further disseminate it across its Asia Pacific markets. This was done through promoting visibility for this book in key publications across the region. APREG countries also showcased this book through their websites and social media platforms.Besides, some of these countries shared the digital version of this book with local schools, educational non-governmental organisations (NGOs), personal contacts and in one country, even with the Danish-expat community.

 Through all these outreach activities, Grundfos was able to reach around 23 million people in the Asia Pacific region and has received a lot of appreciation from various schools and NGOs for this book.

“Grundfos sponsoring this children’s book was very timely, given the devastating effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had across countries in Asia. This book helped approached this difficult subject with children in a thoughtful and sensitive way. Our activities across various countries in the region aimed at ensuring that we could reach as many children and share this book with them,” says Kim Jensen, Regional Managing Director, Grundfos APREG.