Ready-made pump stations help Philippines’ growing water issues

A speedy implementation process makes for a helping hand as the Philippines’ need for water management increases.

Around seven million people in The Philippines rely on unsafe and unsustainable water sources. Over three times as many lack access to proper sanitation. The government of the country has accordingly geared up to address these issues by 2028, and here reliable and intelligent technology will play a critical role.

Grundfos Philippines has launched a turn-key solution, the Prefabricated Pumping Stations (PPS), to help meet the country’s growing flood and wastewater management needs.

In effect, the PPS has already shown itself an ideal solution for wasterwater management for tourist destinations and hotels in Lio, a tourism estate in the Philippine province of Palawan.

Benson Cruz, Technical Services Head of the local wastewater facilities in the Lio Estate, says: “We seek to constantly raise the bar for sustainable tourism. Therefore our obvious choice was Grundfos’ Prefabricated Pumping Stations as it helps us decrease not only our overall environmental footprint but the project cost as well”.

As the name reveals the PPS has already been constructed when it arrives at the site of implementation. “Opposed to traditional pumping stations the PPS is sent to the site as a complete package, making installation easier and usually completed within 24 hours,” Jonathan Breton, General Manager, Grundfos Philippines explains. This reduces installation time by as much as 80%, ensuring minimal disruption to people and infrastructure.