Supplying vital equipment to medical staff in Argentina

Despite working from home, our Argentinian colleagues have managed to produce and donate a first batch of 230 face shields to local hospitals.

During the lockdown period, our 3D-printers in Argentina have been put to use printing medical visors.

The production was initiated by a team of CSR enthusiasts in our Argentinian company who was not stopped by the extra complication of having to do it while working from home.

Project Engineer Federico Carbia personally set up a 3D-printer in his kitchen.​

"Someone uploaded the mold design they had used in Denmark, so it was easy to decide that we wanted to do the same here," says Federico Carbia.​

The machine finishes one new part every hour.

"My father and brother took such an interest in it, that they now help keep the machine running," he continues. This keeps Federico Carbia from having to interrupt his other work tasks on an hourly basis and ensures that the printer has very few production stops.

Federico Carbias colleagues Juan Manuel Greco, Quality Engineer & Production Supervisor and Federico Mahieum Production and Maintenance Manager, also helps the production, using their own 3D printers.

Once printed, the parts are delivered to Sergio Blanco, Junior Operator, who assembles the parts into finished face shields, ready to be worn by the vital medical staff who are in the front line fighting the pandemic.

The first batch of 230 face shields are ready, and Arístides Zapata, who is Logistics Coordinator, delivered the equipment to two major hospitals in Buenos Aires: Durand Hospital and Gutierrez Hospital for children.