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UPM3 Hybrid OEM circulator pump for HVAC systems
By combining external controlling through signal entry with internal self-controlling, the UPM3 HYBRID covers all your circulator needs in one product, providing you with access to a full range of settings. For all kind of applications with flexible settings in OEM production or in the installation field.
UPM3 is the right choice for all HVAC projects and appliances produced on a big scale where only one specific external control mode with one specific speed range is requested. UPM3 is controlled via a signal cable entry.
UPM3 SOLAR OEM circulator pump for HVAC SOLAR systems
UPM3 SOLAR is an OEM high efficient circulator offering flexible solutions for thermal solar systems. It is designed to work both with and without PWM signal, allowing you to upgrade your systems without having to change the controller.
UPML - XL GEO OEM circulator pump - HVAC systems
The Grundfos UPML GEO & UPMXL GEO medium circulator platform is made as an extension of the basic UPM GEO up to variable flows to 180W. This circulator pump is particularly suitable for coldwater applications. The pump is designed to be integrated in geothermal heating pumps as well as in heating and air-conditioning systems with remote control of the speed, corresponding to low-voltage PWM signal input.
UPS circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
A complete range of 3-speed UPS circulator pumps, available both in 50 and 60 Hz.
UPS2 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
UPS2 is the perfect replacement option to optimize efficiency in domestic heating systems.
Vaccuperm VGA and VGB - vacuum chlorine gas dosing
Chlorine gas vacuum regulators and dosing regulators for safe and accurate dosing of chlorine gas
Wastewater pumping stations - prefabricated pumping stations
Full range of modular pumping stations