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Listen to your network and react in real-time to water losses and other events. The Monitor module collects feedback 24/7/365 to validate your records and let you learn about system and consumer behaviour. You will also be able to quantify your zones for prioritisation.

The key to operational efficiency is real-time monitoring. Which is exactly what you get from the Grundfos Utility Analytics Monitor module with its four key features, e.g. enabling your operational staff to instantly detect deviations to normal network behaviour – and to act fast. The unique features therefore reduce your response time to field events significantly. In addition, you are provided with systematic calculations of water balance for the entire system and on a zone level.

Increase your operational efficiency in real-time

Sensor-based monitoring drives system usage analytics, learning and predicting demand patterns and trends, and consumer behaviour. 

  • Dynamic, predictive demand patterns
  • Advanced analysis of trends, behaviours, consumers and network
  • Individual meter validation and reliability analysis
  • A monitoring-based, direct depiction of network behaviour
  • Integrated feed of demand patterns and data to simulation models.

Detect deviations

Detect deviations to normal network behaviour that may translate leaks, pipe breaks, unusual demand, changes to inflow and infiltration and a variety of network issues.

  • Active, fast detection of leaks, bursts and other network events, as well as metering and communications malfunctions
  • Reduced response times to field events
  • Reliable, automated estimation of water volumes lost
  • Streamlined workflow for operational events
  • Operational feedback validates data and work orders
  • Detect and quantify I&I at catchment and sub-catchment level.

Let us help you get started

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Innovative software with ironclad security

One of the most comprehensive infrastructure asset management solutions for water and wastewater networks, Grundfos Utility Analytics uses advanced data encryption to keep your information safe. Learn more about the technical features by clicking on one of the boxes below.