Security - Grundfos Utility Analytics

Grundfos Utility Analytics uses a cloud-based, firewall-protected protocol to ensure the ironclad security of your confidential information and intellectual property.

The types and quantities of data required by Grundfos Utility Analytics depends on the specific services you wish to make use of. The transmission mechanism, however, is always the same in order to maximise security and privacy. The same mechanism will also be utilised if you wish to transfer data packages to Grundfos at a later time. 

Innovative machine learning integration

Grundfos Utility Analytics’ machine learning approach (which includes predictive tools and augmented reality) is predicated on having access to the most up-to-date data possible. To this end, Grundfos uses agents (small Java open-source programs) that interpret data from a your repository and transmits it to your Grundfos Utility Analytics interface via an authenticated REST web service.

The agents are programmed by you (with the assistance of Grundfos personnel, if requested) to monitor for changes in the data at pre-set time intervals (for example, every five minutes), and then communicate any changes to Grundfos Utility Analytics. The agent is a read-only (one-way) mechanism, which is unilaterally controlled by you to ensure the utmost privacy.

Advanced data encryption

Once your data is securely received, it is stored locally in a dedicated server environment via a private server cloud provider or one indicated by you. In other words, an independent firewall-protected, cloud-based hosting infrastructure is carefully created by Grundfos on one of these industry-leading networks for each client, thereby safeguarding the integrity and autonomy of each client’s data.

Grundfos facilitates both the real-time and point-in-time backups of your data in the cloud using highly-advanced tools, which encrypt the data at its source in order to prevent unauthorised access. These degrees of encryption are analogous to the ones used by international banks to secure their online transactions.

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Innovative software with ironclad security

One of the most comprehensive infrastructure asset management solutions for water and wastewater networks, Grundfos Utility Analytics uses advanced data encryption to keep your information safe. Learn more about the technical features by clicking on one of the boxes below.