Operational risks in a pressure boosting system

Poor control of the boosting operation can damage pumps and cause pipes to leak. Over time, this can result in excessive water consumption, spiralling costs, and even indoor flooding. But there is a way to take control and avoid these risks in a domestic boosting system – the compact, all-in-one SCALA pump range.

Watch the video and see how you can avoid these operational risks in a domestic pressure booster system

Operational risks in a boosting system

Boosting pumps are not built to run without water. But this is exactly what can happen if the water storage tank runs empty, or water supplied from the city water mains is insufficient. This will likely cause the pump to overheat, and eventually break down. 

Water leakages from pipes in the system can cause damage in the home, and in the worst cases result in indoor flooding. Even a leaking toilet or dripping garden tap can consume significant amounts of potable water, and reduce pump lifetime if left unnoticed. This can create accumulative costs for homeowners both in property repairs and extensive water bills.

A pump engineered by intelligent design

A booster pump that can detect these operational risks can also react to avoid them. Built to protect the boosting system, the SCALA1 and SCALA2 incorporate several protection features and functions that can be seen on the operating panel (SCALA2) and in the GO Remote app (SCALA1) as alarms. These alarms do not necessarily indicate damage to the pump. In most cases, they alert the user to an issue in the system that requires attention. For instance, the dry running alarm may indicate insufficient water supply without running dry. This allows issues to be dealt with before they cause any damage.

Built-in protection features on SCALA pumps:

  • Anti -cycling: Deactivates the pump if it detects signs of a minor leakage in the system or a tap that has not been closed entirely.
  • Dry-running protection: Deactivates the pump and alerts the user to the lack of water in the installation to prevent damage of the pump.
  • Maximum run time Deactivates the pump after an allotted time, reducing the risk of leakage when running home appliances. For SCALA1 the time period can be adjusted via Grundfos GO REMOTE.

With a SCALA pump, you get built-in functions that ensure optimal operational safety and comfort throughout the home, saving money on water overconsumption and preventing damages to the property. It’s the pump engineered by intelligent design.

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