Water digitalization is now a reality

Ageing infrastructure, city congestion, falling water resources and limited CAPEX – all these challenges demand water utilities to be smarter. Seeing the trends in other industries and their achievements by transitioning to digitalization, water utilities are under pressure to transform too. Digitalization is key to better managing water and wastewater networks and reducing water loss.

The digital transformation of water utilities has, in fact, begun. More and more technologies are being made available, many with their own analytics software. Digitalization supports the ability to collect data, establish trends and make better business decisions. Itʼs not about technology itself – itʼs about how technology is used to create new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

This white paper is an introduction into how advanced analytics solutions like Grundfos Utility Analytics can support water utilities in increasing performance and decision making. 


The paper features case stories that illustrate how other utilities have benefitted from these analytical solutions. These include a water utility in Georgia, USA that saved US $1.3 million on its annual $2 million inspection budget and a water utility in Texas, USA that wanted to reduce pipe failures and water loss. After comparing historical data from January 2015 to October 2017 with insights generated by the software, the utility discovered that if they had replaced the top 1% of pipes prioritised by the software, they would have prevented 24% of the pipe breaks in that period. 


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