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Meet two of our former interns

From left: Nicholas Hamp-Adams (former intern), Geraldine Lin Bagger (project owner) and Asbjørn Bjerregaard Ebbesen (former intern)

Asbjørn and Nicholas both finished an internship with us in the summer of 2021. Asbjørn was an intern in our Public Affairs department from February until June and has worked as a full-time employee in Grundfos since then. Nick was an intern from June until August in our Sustainability Engagement department. During this period, Nick and Asbjørn collaborated on a research project working with and mapping water risks.

Below, they share their experience with being interns at Grundfos and what they have gained from working on a project, which lays the foundation of future work on water risks.

Who are we

Nicholas: “I Live in New York, where I study a master’s degree in public administration at Cornell University. On long term basis, I dream of working within water policy and sustainable development. I am South African and therefore, I have a soft spot for units placed in Nairobi, so one day I might go back and work there – possibly as a part of the UN Environment Programme in Nairobi. Short term, my focus is finishing my master’s degree, where I also have another internship period coming up.”  

Asbjørn: “I live in Aarhus and hold a master’s degree in political science from Aarhus University. After the end of my internship and graduation, I got the opportunity to continue my journey at Grundfos, and I now work as a full-time public affairs advisor in the Public Affairs department. Currently, my goal is to fulfill my potential by keep expanding my knowledge within my field of expertise. So the next years, I will focus on learning and developing, and hopefully, Grundfos will continue to play a role in this journey.”

You are equal to everybody else in the team. You're not anything less just because you are an intern.
Nicholas Hamp-Adams

More than "just an intern"

Asbjørn: “As an intern, you are a completely integrated part of the team. You can tell that your work is valued by everyone – you will actually be using your theory and skills to take part in solving the department’s current tasks. I think that Grundfos is excellent at giving young people a chance to show what they can and hand out responsibility, rather than the other way around. If you are a student considering joining Grundfos in an internship, my advice is: Just grab the opportunity! You can get quite far even as an intern, because if you seek responsibility, you will get it."

Nicholas: “Grundfos do a great job with giving their interns the opportunity, responsibility and the projects to really show what they are capable of. It is motivating to be surrounded by passionate colleagues who are driven, hardworking and want to make a difference. Everyone in my team was super friendly and helpful, which really boosted my confidence, both in myself and in my ability to produce an outcome. My best advice for future interns is: Be yourself, and if the internship is revolving around something that excites you, go for it."

The purpose of the project was to build a thought leadership position on water and create a fact-based, well-defined problem for Grundfos to transform into a future-fit business, in order to continue business performance and making a difference on the water agenda.

It feels nice to have contributed with a project, which will lead to something useful in the organization and end up making a difference.
Asbjørn Bjerregaard Ebbesen

A project with a purpose

Nicholas: “Being a part of this project certainly improved my knowledge on water risks. It is exciting to be in close contact with different experts in the field, both internally and externally, and to learn about their opinions on this topic. It was great to present our findings, and I think all of us felt that our findings were informative and highly relevant. We put together a very good foundation and it is exciting to know that it will be used in Grundfos’ further journey towards improving its position as a solution provider in multiple aspects.”

Asbjørn: “I have been working with a lot of interesting and super intelligent people who are motivated to make a difference. You learn so much from working together with the smartest people in the industry, and it was interesting getting that thorough knowledge in a specific area. I do feel some kind of ownership towards this project."

After having worked remotely as a team in almost 10 weeks, Nicholas, Geraldine and Asbjørn were finally able to meet physically for the first time. They met in August at our headquarters in Bjerringbro. Here, their dedication and hard work culminated in a presentation of their project on water risks for multiple stakeholders across the organization. Both Asbjørn and Nicholas mention this day as one of the highlights in working with the project. Geraldine, who is the owner of the project, also highlights this day and states that it is impressive what an international team with diverse backgrounds can achieve virtually in just 10 weeks. 

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