How to do pump sizing by application

How to do pump sizing by application

Simply size and evaluate pumps based on pump design, application and performance needs

Discover our easy-to-use pump sizing calculator – and ensure you make the right choice

Finding a pump to fit your duty points and application can be time consuming. But Grundfos Product Center helps you find the information you need fast – from application through to installation. 

Step 1: Define your application requirements

Enter your duty point in the pump sizing software and choose to size by application. If needed, you can also specify the installation for more accurate results.

How to do pump sizing by application

Step 2: Evaluate and compare compliant pumps

Evaluate and compare pumps in the results list. The first pump is the ideal choice based on your sizing criteria and life cycle cost. You can change the sizing parameter using the “edit sizing parameters” button or by changing the evaluation criteria. 

How to do pump sizing by application

Step 3: Choose your desired product

Choose a specific pump to review in-depth pump information. Select the print option if you would like to make a PDF of the pump and print and the relevant data you need, such as sizing results, installation and pump dimensions.

How to do pump sizing by application

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