Human rights

We are committed to creating a culture that champions respect and protection of human rights of all our employees, wherever they work. 

Our journey

Our work with human rights is an ongoing process, and our human rights due diligence programme ensure that we respect and advance human rights. Have a look at our journey so far with a brief re-cap of our Values, Code of Conduct, Suppliers Code of Conduct, and our Human Rights Impact Assessments in China, Serbia, Mexico and India.

Our policy

We recognise and acknowledge that business have the responsibility to respect human rights. Our commitment to respect human rights applies to all Grundfos employees in all Grundfos companies.

In addition, we are committed to promote the development of a culture that supports the respect for Human Rights. Therefore, we expect business partners, such as suppliers and other parties directly linked to our operations, to adhere to this commitment.

Our statement pursuant to the UK Modern Slavery Act and Australian Modern Slavery Act

Our commitment to respect human rights extends to critical topics and specific laws and regulations. Discover our response to legislation such as the UK and Australian Modern Slavery Acts but more than anything, to increase transparency and share our journey. See past reports in our archives.

Our Harassment Prevention Policy

In light of global awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace, we have reflected on what we can do better to ensure that our values and policies are always observed. As a result, we have decided to strengthen our efforts to prevent and address harassment in the workplace.